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(On Geneva Recital, Victoria Hall): "We should not be mistaken, there are not many artists about whom it can truly be said that their talent borders on genius... This was a recital of a unique, profoundly authentic, and gifted artist... Here, we were in the spirit of Cortot, searching for ways in which to make each note come alive... There are artists who want us to admire them, others who wallow in the profound emotions that they generate, and then there are those like Gabriela Montero, who go beyond themselves to communicate with their public.

Antoine Leboyer, ConcertoNet


(On Rachmaninov, Paganini Variations, New York Philharmonic / Maazel): "Montero's playing has everything: crackling rhythmic brio, subtle shadings, steely power in climactic moments, soulful lyricism in the ruminative passages and, best of all, unsentimental expressivity."

Anthony Tomassini, New York Times


(On Tchaikovsky No.1, LA Philharmonic): “Her scherzando flights in the first movement had spunk and wit; a thunderous double-octave passage lifted off with impressive firepower. The Prestissimo interlude in the second movement for once came off like the wild, untamed fantasy that it is supposed to be, and the repeated Russian theme of the finale had a rhetorical quality that resembled conversation. This was a really interesting take on the concerto -- fast, nervy, impulsive.”

The Los Angeles Times


(On Leipzig Recital, Gewandhaus): "These spontaneous compositions are steeped in expression and feeling. The audience was dazzled by her impeccable displays of compositional excellence. Montero exposes the world’s loss of improvisation and virtuosic composition.... Gabriela is a highly accomplished pianist, her performances are well structured yet she plays with a poetic sensitivity. She performs from her soul, and her playing is phenomenal. The audience was reluctant to leave the Mendelssohn Hall after the two and a half hours of Montero’s performance. Montero must be invited back again!

Peter Korfmacher, Leipziger Volkzeitung


“Ms. Montero is an exciting pianist, as she proved with her brilliant, wonderfully imaginative performances of Schumann‟s Carnaval and Ginastera's Piano Sonata No. 1 (1952) at the Metropolitan Museum of Art...

The New York Times


(On Grieg Concerto, Cleveland Orchestra): At both ends of the emotional spectrum, Montero was a remarkable presence. To the music's rhapsodic pages, Montero brought a suave, feathery touch, unfurling lyrical phrases with velvety smoothness. And yet she also evinced tremendous physical power, belting out agitated passages with fierce intensity.

Zachary Lewis, The Plain Dealer


“While many aspects of her keyboard skills can be described with the usual terms applied to world-class classical pianists — monster technique and thrilling tone — the two words that insistently come to mind when she extemporizes are "spooky‟ and "otherworldly.‟ No mere mortal...

Seattle Times


“The delighted audience would have let her play all afternoon...”

The Washington Post


“Montero is an astonishing performer, showing a seamless unity of what is physical and musical. She has a gift shared with only the greatest keyboard artists. She doesn‟t play the piano, she becomes it.” 

The Register-Guard


"The piano recital by Gabriela Montero at the Vienna Konzerthaus was like a visit from outer space."

Der Standard


“Some musicians are born with such astounding, God-given talent, that you feel lucky to witness it. That was the case on Friday morning, when pianist Gabriela Montero performed Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto No. 2 with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra - and then followed it up with a spectacular improvisation...

Cincinnati Enquirer


“For her part, Montero rollicked and jived with the best of them, and took time for thoughtful nuances and personal flourishes.” 

Indianapolis Star


“Pianist Gabriela Montero makes a piano ring like bells...She also can pull back to execute the fleetest lines, spinning them like lace, with a satin touch.”

San Jose Mercury News


“...Montero is the queen of improvisation. Classically trained, Montero was born with a gift that the classical establishment has largely shunnedsince the days of Franz Liszt — creating music in front of an audience.”

The Associated Press


“Montero's technique was terrific -- her gentle take on the Shaker hymn „Simple Gifts‟ was bright and subtly colored through superb tone control -- and her musical thinking was rich and interesting, with clearly articulated counterpoint.”

The Oregonian


“Venezuelan-born classical pianist Gabriela Montero is a noted concert artist who performs written works with orchestras around the world. But she is also an improviser extraordinaire...Ms. Montero really has something unique going on here.”

Audiophile Audition 


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